St. Patrick’s Day

Takes Place in March

We serve a meal of Irish stew, and the community gets together to enjoy some music to celebrate the holiday.

March Madness

Takes Place in March

Each program enjoyed a special activity such as going to Get Air for both the parent toddler program and the Afterschool Program, and Frontline Lazer Tag for our Youth Group.

Halloween Party

Takes Place in October

Each year we have a fun and spooky Halloween party for the children in the community. Kids wear their costumes and enjoy Halloween-themed games, treats, and music.

Christmas Party

Takes Place in December

We hold an annual Christmas party for the children of our community. Each child receives a gift from Santa and a hot meal.

Community Day

Takes Place in October

During our community day we hold a variety of activities and games for people of all ages.

Volunteer Banquet

Takes Place in The Spring

Once a year we host a volunteer banquet to celebrate our wonderful volunteers who dedicate their time to helping out with our programs and services. Our volunteer banquet is an event to show our appreciation for each of our volunteers. We provide a hot meal as well as a little gift.